Dr. James Ervin

Dr. James Ervin

Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ervin was born to analyze systems: to understand the pieces of a system, how they fit and work together, how to measure them, and how to control and optimize them.

Jim brings 25 years of Professional Engineering experience to Reven that includes research, system design, test design, prototyping, development, manufacturing, and patent / contract / commercialization of innovative products for the automotive, aerospace, and software industries. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (mechanical systems and design focus) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Jim additionally has worked in various capacities to manage IP strategy, map IP / patent landscapes and has personally been issued 39 patents from the USPTO for innovative designs in fields of engine airpath control, powertrain controls, actuation systems, compliant wing systems, and wind energy systems.

His past employers / affiliations include Ford, FlexSys, NASA, University of Michigan, Balanced Dynamics, Holley Automotive, Kelsey Hayes, LocoLingo, SAE, US First Robotics, and MForesight.

To augment his engineering and business mindset, Jim has applied much of his effort at Reven to scour the medical literature in fields of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, CNS disease, tissue modeling, antioxidant function and ROS damage mechanisms, mitochondrial function and metabolic pathway mapping, electrolytic system functions, acid / base system chemistry, and cellular signaling. This context has allowed him to lead the Reven team in defining mode of action for current drug product and also to define target variants for future product. In addition, he manages the Reven team to progress drug products through specification of non-clinical and clinical test protocols, analysis of lab / non-clinical / clinical and manufacturing data, refinement of manufacturing and product certification methods, definition of next-gen product + IP / patent strategy, while supporting future business strategy through market analysis / profit modeling.