Reven Overview

Established in 1999


Reven Pharmaceutical's RJX Technology Concept is Born.


First Patent filed following milestone of RJX administration to over 1,000 compassionate care patients in South Africa.


Initiated formal manufacturing process in support of FDA new drug development pathway.


Filed Investigational New Drug (IND) application & working with over 20 research organizations globally.


Research initiated to explore RJX for future applications like Vascular, Oncology, CNS, and Ocular disease.


Phase 1 study concluded and over 10 patents granted nationally & internationally. 


Started and completed Phase 2A and started Phase 2B double-blind placebo study

Our Mission

Diligently pursue scientific innovation to exponentially improve health & well-being.

“At Reven, we are constantly pushing the boundaries on what science and technology can do in hopes of making the impossible, possible.”

3rd Row_Peter

Peter Lange / Co-Founder & CEO

Potential Target Therapeutic Areas

Reven views RJX as a tool to serve distinct families of potential modalities, each focusing on different diseases across therapeutic areas.

The RJX platform supports design of medicines for an array of applications by scientifically grouping shared product features and recognizing areas where customization may further improve outcomes.


In 2008, Reven initiated compassionate care use with RJX technology in South Africa for patients with limited to no therapeutic options. This opportunity to aid patients also greatly improved Reven’s understanding of the product, enhancing knowledge in areas of dosing, product stabilization, patient healing trajectories, and outcome analysis.

Reven’s recent drug provision through the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration Special Access Scheme and pilot research completed in companion animals has fueled Reven’s knowledge base in support of further investigations into RJX’s capacity for multiple treatment modalities.

Our 10-plus years of research, including data generated from Reven’s Phase 1 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved clinical safety study (ClinicalTrials.gov; ID NCT03680105), continues to provide insight into the capabilities of the RJX technology. Reven is assessing further insights and efficacy through a Phase 1/2 COVID-19 ARDS/sepsis study (ClinicalTrials.gov; ID NCT04708340) currently enrolling patients in several clinical trial sites throughout the U.S.


Reven is dedicated to investigating neglected diseases with unmet therapeutic needs and areas of medicine where current standard of care is often not successful. Our goal is to deliver innovative medicines based on the RJX technology to patients in need.

Social Accountability

Our mission is dedicated to the service of patients and the families who cherish them. Collaboration with academia, clinical researchers, providers and patients to address unmet medical needs continues to educate and humble us.

Reven’s overall goal is to advance patient survivability and improve patient quality of life demonstrated by reduced pain, removal of disease, enhanced mobility, increased vitality, improved quality of rest, and restoration of body balance so that patients can re-engage with their lives.

“We have been inspired by our compassionate care patients and the progress they made. Seeing them take that first step without pain was life changing for them and for us. It is our mission and our passion to change lives for the better.”

5th Row_Brian

Brian Denomme / Co-founder, President

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